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Hiring a DJ can often be confusing. Most people only have occasion to do it once or twice in a lifetime, and usually for very important, sometimes life changing events. That being said, here are a few things to consider helping you hire the right DJ for your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a DJ can often be confusing. Most people only have occasion to do it once or twice in a lifetime, and usually for very important, sometimes life changing events. That being said, here are a few things to consider helping you hire the right DJ for your event.

When talking to him does it sound like he enjoys what he does, or is it “just another job.” Let’s face it: Disc Jockeys get to go to lots of parties, talk to lots of happy people, see people at their happiest. Why would we not be a cheerful bunch? The DJ’s who work for Elite Entertainment are not only fun and exciting, but we have passion about what we do and want to make your day the Best!

Ask how long he's been in business, how many weddings and parties he's done, etc. You want a DJ that knows how to read a crowd and can adapt to different situations. Also, what sort of past problems has he encountered and how were they handled. Engage in a conversation about this; it will help to get a feel for his personality. Elite Entertainment has been in business since 1998 and has performed at countless successful parties, weddings, and corporate events. In 2014 Kevin performed his 1000 wedding reception as the owner of Elite Entertainment. We have been apart of many different events and locations.

It might be helpful to see him “at work.” Photographs or videos can help you get a feel for how the DJ conducts an event. It may not be possible to see the DJ performing live unless he has some upcoming public events. Many events that DJs are hired for are private parties. Upon request, Elite Entertainment can provide you with the most current picture.

There is a difference between consumer-grade home stereo components and professional P.A. equipment. Common “Pro” brand names are Crown, QSC, JBL, Peavey, EV (Electrovoice), Denon, Rane, Mackie, and Shure. Probably haven’t heard of most those brands, have you? Notice that home stereo giants Sony, JVC, and Sharp are not on the list. Make sure the DJ carries back-up equipment in case of failure. Remember, all electronic equipment will eventually fail- you just don’t want it to ruin your event. Elite Entertainment carries only professional quality equipment. There is always back up equipment available.

Ask who will be DJing your event. Is it the person you’re talking to or the hired help? Make sure that your DJ is professional and has a backup in case of emergency. To avoid any problems, get the name of your DJ and references on his/her performance. When hiring Elite Entertainment you are hiring the entertainer who will be performing for your event.

The most important responsibility for your mobile DJ is to play the right music at the right time. Usually, your DJ serves as the event emcee, so be confident that he is a good communicator. If the event is a wedding reception, be sure that the DJ has all the proper name pronunciations if you plan a grand entrance, first dance announcement, bouquet/garter toss, cake cutting, etc. Some parties require the DJ to play interactive games, etc. Even though your mobile DJ should be trained in crowd interaction, it is only at the client’s request. Keep in mind that it’s your party- not the DJ’s. Elite Entertainment ensures that your party will be successful, fun, and remember able. Each event is different and unique so our performance will be according to each event.

The simple answer is YES. You can provide a list of songs to play and even if you don’t, many DJs will ask if you have any special requests. You can expect your professional DJ to have access to all the most popular music from a wide range of music genres. Don’t be so impressed by the number of songs in the DJ’s collection, but with the type of songs available. And if you desire, be sure that your DJ will take requests from your guests. That is another reason he needs to have a deep music collection. Our music library is updated on a monthly basis.

Once signing the contract with Elite Entertainment you will be provide with the information for our online planner. In the online planner there is a section that has our library of music. You will be able to view and select songs and categorize them into 3 sections.

The DJ should dress appropriately for the event. You don’t want your DJ to be underdressed for a formal party, nor do you want him to be overdressed for a casual event. Although there is often some latitude here, remember that the DJ’s job is to help make the party work and part of that responsibility means making the guests feel comfortable through his attitude and appearance. The DJ’s who represent Elite Entertainment are well groomed and wear the appropriate attire for your event.

At one end of the spectrum are DJs who are always on the microphone and like to be very visible. At the other end are DJs who lack any personality and do nothing but play the music. Others are an even mixture of the two extremes. Usually you can get a feel for style simply by talking to the DJ. Or just ask. The bottom line, though, is to hire someone who listens to what you want, and are comfortable with. Elite Entertainment strives to make your event unique. Our main focus is making sure you and your guest have the best time and will remember it for many years. We have the ability to do different styles but always making sure the spotlight is never on us.

It is important for both of you to go over the details of your party. The idea is to get everyone on the same page so that there are no surprises. You don’t want your party treated as just another “cookie cutter” job, and the DJ’s behavior and willingness to talk to you should reflect that. This is not an option but a requirement. Elite Entertainment requires meeting with you. We will also be willing to meet with all vendors if need be to ensure everyone is on the same page. We want your event to be your event not ours.

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